Cookie Policy

What Are Cookies?
Cookies are small text files sent from a website to the user's device (usually a browser) and stored there. They help the website recognize the device on subsequent visits. Each cookie typically contains:
- The name of the server that sent it.
- An expiration date.
- A unique, randomly generated number.
Cookies can be set by the site you’re visiting (first-party cookies) or by other sites whose elements are embedded in the page you’re viewing (third-party cookies).
Types of Cookies
1. Technical Cookies:
   - Purpose: Facilitate communication over electronic networks or provide services requested by the user.
   - Functions: Efficient navigation, preference storage (e.g., language, country), electronic authentication, shopping cart management, online purchases.
   - Requirement: User consent is not required.
2. Analytics Cookies:
   - Purpose: Collect aggregate data on the number of users and their interaction with the site.
   - Usage: Understand and optimize site usage.
   - Requirement: Consent not required if used directly by the site manager.
3. Profiling Cookies:
   - Purpose: Track user browsing behavior for marketing and advertising purposes.
   - Functions: Create user profiles based on tastes, habits, and choices to send targeted advertisements.
   - Requirement: User consent is required.
Cookie Duration
- Persistent Cookies: Stored until their expiration date unless removed by the user.
- Session Cookies: Temporary and vanish when the browser is closed.
Managing Cookie Preferences
You can manage your cookie preferences through your browser settings. Below are some common browsers and their cookie management options:
- Internet Explorer
- Google Chrome
- Mozilla Firefox
- Safari
Consent for Profiling Cookies
By continuing to browse the site, accessing any area, or selecting any element (e.g., image or link), you consent to the use of profiling cookies. This consent is recorded using a technical cookie.
For more detailed instructions on managing cookies with these browsers, refer to their respective help sections.