Returns Policy

1. General Return Policy
- Products purchased from cannot be returned unless a justified reason is provided.
- For returns, contact the Vendor at 
- Returns of unpacked or used products are not accepted.
- No exchanges are allowed.
2. Conditions for Return Acceptance
- Products can only be returned with the Vendor’s approval.
- If the Vendor approves the return:
  - Return within 14 days from the receipt date.
  - Notify the Vendor of your decision to return the product within this period.
  - You are responsible for proving the correct and timely exercise of this right.
  - The Vendor will confirm receipt and provide a return number via email.
  - Arrange for the product to be picked up by the courier within 14 working days from notifying the Vendor.
  - Return products in their original packaging, on a pallet, via the Vendor-specified courier, to the Vendor-specified address.
  - You bear the return shipping costs.
  - The Vendor may refuse returns that are not in original condition. In such cases, all costs, including transportation and storage, are your responsibility.
  - No exchanges are allowed.
  - Certain non-returnable merchandise may be designated on the site.
3. Terms and Conditions of Return
- The return is correctly exercised if:
  - The return authorization form is correctly filled out and sent within 14 days from receiving the product.
  - Products are not unpacked, used, worn, washed, or damaged.
  - Products are returned in original wooden packaging, on the original pallet, with all accessories.
  - Products are returned from the country where the order was placed.
- If conditions are met, the Vendor will refund the purchase price. 
- If conditions are not met, the Vendor will notify you. You may opt to have the products returned to you at your expense. Refusing this delivery allows the Vendor to retain the products and the purchase amount.
4. Shipping
- Returns must be sent through the Vendor-recommended courier using the pre-printed label and enclosed instructions.
- The Vendor may pay for the delivery on your behalf, withholding the delivery and return costs from your refund.
- Returns not in original condition may be refused by the Vendor, with all related costs being your responsibility.
5. Refund Times and Procedures
- Upon receiving and verifying the returned products, the Vendor will confirm acceptance via email.
- Refund times vary based on payment method:
  - Credit/Debit Card: Refund time depends on the credit card company's policies.
  - Cash on Delivery (if available): Refund to the indicated bank account depends on the correctness of provided information, usually within 14 days. A bank account is required for a cash-on-delivery refund.
Last update: April 2024